{I’ll have to get a cup}

When I had let the thesis project days without study or reading I tend to forget what I had just read, so it will be a good idea to review my notes and readings just before advance at the next point.

When I do review and do not remember something, sometimes at reading prompt a question about something I didn’t quite understand. And, I ask about it in that moment or later to my boyfriend or some researches with an e-mail.

I want to keep interested with my project, I do not want to get frustrated and get bored with it, that’s why I have this feeling and necessity of being prepared. It also is going to help me in my oral presentation.

Then, every morning is a good idea if I review what I have, before advancing in my readings.

And at the end of my working day, review what I have understood and in what subject I need help to grasp it.


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