{ Yeah, I’ve never been here before }

Since I can remember I have been doing to-do lists. Sometimes I had manageable to do all the list, but recently I can’t finish even the fifth thing on it. I need to find a way to motivate me to meet the goals I want to reach.

The next exercise I hope will help me:

Get Organized; get going! Create your to-do list –>

1- What are four things you need to do?

* Reading

* Writing

* Understand the reading.

* Talk about it with my boyfriend.

2- Why is each important to you? Focus on your reasons, not those of others…

* If I can understand what the books are talking about, maybe I would be able to write fluently in my thesis project. Also, I would be able advance in it.

3- What reward will you expect after completing each one?

Maybe I would like to go a dinner for two, or a museum, a library. Something that has an effect in my emotional self. Somewhere where I can find inspiration.

4- When should each be finished? (day or date):

Today or tomorrow.


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