My disabilities are:

I grew up in the city of Arizona. I was born with a genetic predisposition of develop skin cancer and pancreatic cancer.

I had refused to let my disability stand in my way. But yet it seems that I can not graduate from The University because I need to do my thesis and the oral examination. My GPA is not bad, but not so good.

In The University I did try to compete in track teams but the rise of insulin has become a problem, so I needed to drop out 2 semesters of school.

Then I came back, but I encountered with a teacher of mathematical methods that became my nightmare, she failed me three consecutive times in the same subject, even when I did know everything from the beginning. At last I pass it with a word of her: “I can not grade you with a 100 points mark because it will affect your classmates that pass the subject the first time, and I think you do not need to study science, just marry your boyfriend, he is from a prosperous family with money, you have your life done”.

To this day, 4 years later, I am not marry, but happy with the same boyfriend.

In college I was in disadvantaged because my illness become more acute, it was frustrating to not  go to classes of music and not have money for the instrument, to not go and practice for the sport team, to try to do all my homework at time and being classified like a worthless student from my teachers and classmates, and feeling exhausted, dizzy, etc.

I was the only woman in my generation and class of 20. Only 3 guys cherished what I was trying to do, to become: a scientist.  All the rest bully me awful, that to this day I scare of them.

However, I want to have the ability to overcome my past and disabilities and accomplish so many things in the aftermath of completing my thesis, and reach my next dreams: graduate school and have more joyful (college) experiences.

☺ Mood: contemplative.


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