The Girl Who Wants to Succeed

“If you want to succeed in this world, you must learn how to spell succeed. Remember, it is spelled double C and double E, like proceed but not like precede and supersede.”

Yeah, that’s my goal, to be successful in my decisions. I had had an almost complete year to end my college thesis, the result is that I do not have nothing done to this day.

Also, all this time, since October 2010 to this day I had been living in my parents house, I returned with my parents because I became jobless. To made things worst, this situation has not been very easy to carry on my shoulders: I have clinical depression.

My mom and dad are very strict people, they have BPD and controlling issues respectively,  and we have very little communication. They ask me to do things that I do not have time, neither the mind to go through. I am very stressful with my situation, my thesis, with  my future, and a lot of things that I planned to accomplish at this age of my life.

However, with all above said I want to try again, made my dreams to become reality, to have action in my life, not stay there thinking in dreams. Tonight, I declare myself commit with my college success.

Right now I stand with:

  • I am highly motivated to be a competent person.
  • I am confident about my ability to create a positive future for myself.

Mood: Anxious


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