I am still an undergraduate student

To me, my experience in college was like living again my high school experience, but in a more obscure environment.  The only changes that I did notice were:

High School University

Label: a smart student

and feeling that way.

Label like a worthless student

and feeling that way

Confident Insecure

Time and energy to practice

extracurricular things

Hardly time to do other

things but homework

Brave Scare
Social Tormented by my peers
Concentrated Deconcentrated
  • Where am I now? In the same column of University, stuck living with my parents fearing the result of my lack of commitment.
  • What I need to changed? I think I need to change my negative thoughts about my ability in the science field, the state of my skills, the things I do that keep me for not doing anything to change the things I want to do, to value myself and take action to conquer my dreams.
  • How to change it? Trying therapy to have more positive thoughts, to value myself; improving my skills, trying a method of study to manage more productively my time.

Some tips to help me in the future is:

  • I will like to have support  and encouragement from my boyfriend and family.
  • Make new friends. I will like to do this because in college I didn’t have true friends, even worst no female friends.
  • Get involved in some organization. I have searched some groups in Meet up, but I haven’t succeed in this yet.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help when I need it most.

☺ Mood:  determined.


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