The values jar

“Values are not trendy items that can be traded in.”

Ellen Goodman

I have beliefs that crash with religion, politics and money. But I always try to do things right in sex,  education, helping others, family, friends, self-discipline, career, cheating, taking risks, self-respect, and so on.

These past months I must to accept I have been focused in things that are not so important to me. I’m really embarrassed but I trying to accept my errors and do something about it. I do not want to be the crazy persons that not accepts that is crazy. I want help.

1. If I had unlimited time and resources, what would I do? It’s okay to dream. I’ll write down everything that comes into my mind.

  • Go to study in every country every I want to learn. Maybe I could have a lot of degrees in every subject and be a master in it.
  • I would have like to buy food, quality food possible.
  • Build a very big home in a farm and have a professional kind of kitchen chef, a gym, a swimming pool and learn to swim, a fast and track circuit, buy the best of computers and gadgets to realize my investigations, go to the best medical doctors, have a car (maybe with a chauffeur).
  • Create schools for the poor and those who have less, with free fee that are of firs world quality. Build organizations to deliver help to homeless.  Both non-profit.
  • Devote to my studies in science and dedicate time for my hobbies and family.
  • Stop being worried about debts.

2. Review the list of  values that are the most important to me.

  • Making an important contribution to humankind.
  • Being creative.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dedication and commitment.
  • Honesty and integrity.

3. Take several minutes to compare this list with my dreams. I may be living with unconscious dreams that don’t mesh with my values. If I don’t get my dreams out in the open, I may spend years living with illusions and the feeling that I somehow am settling for second best. I’ll work on the two lists until I feel that my dreams match up with my values.

I think both list coordinate really good.

4. How my values relate to four fundamental areas of human fulfillment?

  • Physical needs:  Living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Social needs:  Making an important contribution to humankind.
  • Mental needs:  Being creative.
  • Spiritual needs:  Honesty and integrity. Dedication and commitment.

I believe that my values show these four needs.

☺ Mood: uncomfortable


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