{ Doing it for my self-respect }

Since I was in elementary school, I thought that cheating was a wrong way of achieve something. And when I started college I was on the same opinion…but the “smartest ones” according to my teachers were the more anti code students in my generation.  So, if to be smart means to be a cheating and anti moral person…I prefer to be creative, honest and stupid student (for that teachers that are so ignorant to see beyond of a grade in a paper).

I went to that college in search of a goal: obtain a degree in physics. Also, to learn important theories and stuff necessary for my professional life that in my town nobody would be capable to teach me.

I came to the conclusion: going there, to that University was the worst decision until now that I have made.  Only five teacher have the quality to teach and are very capable in the area, they are responsible and do not judge for your grades but for who you are (your values, your attitude and behavior).

By the way, maybe I wasn’t a model student, I skipped class several times a semester, not because I was lazy but because my illness, but sometimes I think that my health can be use as a pretext for the classes I feel to skipped. And one thing I came to realize until today was that I was spending money, more money that I can earn, every time I was doing this.

The Cost of Cutting Class:

1- How much tuition did you pay for this term?

I am going to use the cost to attend MIT. For the period 2011-12

Tuition and Fees    $40,732

So If I divide that quantity for 2: $20, 366 each semester.

source: http://mitadmissions.org/afford/basics

2- How many credits must you take on your campus to be considered full-time?

36 credits = 5 subjects

3- Divide the full-time hours into your tuition dollars (cost per credit hour):  

10 full time hours 

$20, 366 / 10 = $2, 036.6

4- How many credit hours does the course you’re most tempted to avoid have?

2 credit hours.

5- Multiply the course credit hours by the cost per credit hour (cost of the course):

2 hrs x  $2, 036.6 $ 4, 073.2

6- How many classes meet in this course over the term?

28 classes.

7 – Divide the cost of the course by the number of classes:

$ 4, 073.2 / 28  = $ 145. 47

The final calculation represents the financial loss that happens every time you cut this class.

So, every day I was skipped class because my sickness, I was throwing $146 dollars!

Also, I must to say that if it wasn’t for my credit loan (what I have to pay) I wouldn’t go to college.

Furthermore, I need to confess that in times of depression I did not focus in my chores, but in chatting, viewing youtube videos, surfing the Internet, etc. So those days, today I regret immensely.

What I learn: “Deciding early to do your best, even if  it requires sacrifice, will have the best long-term payoff .”  

☺ Mood: tired.


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