The Failures and Success from No One

Since I went to University, my academic life was very difficult.  And around the third year the obstacles become very hard and the ambient hostile. My classmate didn’t help me to acclimate, I was very stressful, my parents fight a lot and in the summer of 2004 it seem that they would divorced. Also, the new teachers very hard on me, like I was a pig to experiment jokes and torture me because I was a girl, studying science. I was depressed until this day.

Almost 7 years I have been hiding with the “they made my life difficult in college because I was a girl”, but since 3 years ago I have the time to think and ponder what my life has been since then and what changes could I take from now on. I must say that 3 years are enough to be more grown up. More intelligent to not express detestation of my ex-classmates and teacher.  That’s why I think I started this personal project. I need to grow and let the past in the past. It has been hurting me a lot to be living in those bad memories that have made my life very unpleasant.


“Life is difficult and that each of us will experience pain and disappointment. “

“Some of our problems are caused by other people, including our parents. However, you are not  going to succeed in college and life thereafter by continually blaming others.”

“Surround yourself with other motivated people. “

I feel proud not doing what my parents want me to do. But doing what I like to do. Maybe without noticing I have come to the conclusion that I been doing, not all the time sure, what I think was the best for me, and that is marvelous.

☺ Mood: proud / shame


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