Vanishing Goals

On Sunday I came across with  “Set Goals and Work to Reach Them” on my book, the one I am following to straight my confidence about my plans, and living a peaceful life.

The first point was to “Make a Personal Plan”, but as I have more than five years without one, I prefer to search for examples on the Internet, and I found this information very helpful:


I read the entire information and thought for moments what it mean in some very few parts. Then I took a bunch of used sheets to recycle and start to write everything that it has suggested. I’m in my 4th day and I’m am not completely very well adjusted to my plan not because I do not think is important but I am in the process of accustom to it.

I am very glad that I did this plan so far. My mind is always thinking of my thesis every time I am distracting on everything that comes to my mind that is not related to my goals. It’s hard, but I hope to have rid of my bad habits next week. Yeeei!

Now, I intend to read the next instructions. Some quote I would like to put here are:

“McNally recommends living your life one day at a time and making your commitments in daily, bite-sized chunks.”

“You don’t need to do everything today, but you should do something every day. “

“Think about the growth mindsets of people you admire.

I think, I must say I admire Marie Curie…she has almost the same fate as am experienced over my transit in college,  and I think she had a growth mindset.

“Practice thinking reflectively, critically, and productively.”

“Evaluate, analyze, create, solve problems, and poke holes in arguments. Be prepared to show “why” and back up your assertions with solid evidence.”

“Remember that not all learning takes place in the classroom. “

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