The Questions of the Keys

The transition from undergraduate to graduate school differ in:

The difficulty of the subjects.

The teachers will not give a lot of classes.

I will need to study and learn much by myself.

And are similar in:

I need to keep studying.

Present exams.

Need to go to school everyday.

The values that I follow will help me to succeed in graduate school making it revisions of what I aim for. And remembering what I dream to reach each day.

I would like somebody told me to keep a dairy schedule of goals. To tell me “Hey”, don’t give up”.  So, my advice to you my reader is to have and study good study skills and never give up your dreams, doing what you need to do, with the best behavior and ethical way.

I know that I am honest and can take responsibility for my failures but when is about my success I, sometimes, think that is not completely mine.  Maybe…is my low self-esteem. I’ll try to keep a dairy to monitor my daily goals and have the habit of completing them.

☺ Mood: Tired


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