My Self-esteem

Is an important part of my identity. But also, I do not have a well base self esteem. I lacking of it.

My general evaluation of myself: 10/100.

How I feel about me: I need to do simple things, like graduating from college to feel good about me right now, if not I will feel more like a trash.

The image I have of myself: very good alumn, but bad student. Not so intelligent, agressive and lacks a lot of social skills to progress in any job.

“Self-esteem will give you the confidence to tackle difficult tasks and create a positive vision of the future. It will help you reach your goals and give you the confidence to act on your values. “

I have low self-esteem, and I commit to raising it.

Here are some good strategies for increasing self-esteem, based on a number of research studies:

1) Have confidence in myself. Believe in my ability to succeed and do well in life. Believing that I can make meaningful changes is a key aspect of improving my self-esteem.

Psychologists call this ability to believe that one can make effective changes in their lives self-efficacy (Bandura 2007). Many individuals who don’t think they can make such changes never even take the first step to improve themselves.


2) Monitor what you do and say to yourself. Putting yourself down will only lower your self-esteem.

I will try not do say to me “Ooh Sarah, you are so dumb.” Or inflict harm over me.

3) Take responsibility for yourself and believe in your abilities. Remember, though, if you have legitimate weaknesses in skill areas such as math and English, just thinking positive thoughts won’t be enough.

Like what I feel in my physics dissertation. I now I do not know certain concepts and I am trying to understand every single of them to advance, I do not want to make a fool of me pretending I know everything and do poorly in my oral presentation only because I thought I could do it only with a vague understanding of what is important and positive thoughts .

4) Work hard to improve your skills. You may need to seek guidance and support through resources such as tutoring services and study skills workshops.

That’s why I ask my boyfriend to explain me everything I didn’t understand on books or my thesis. And doing this blog.

5) Experience emotional support and social approval. When people say nice things to us, are warm and friendly, and approve of what we say and do, our self-esteem improves. Sources of emotional support and social approval include friends, family, classmates, and counselors. Seek out supportive people and find ways to give support back.

This point I did not have in my college years. All I hear was “Sarah is so stupid”, “Sarah is retarded”, etc.

6) Achieve. Learning new skills can increase both achievement and self-esteem. For example, learning better study skills can improve your GPA. This accomplishment, in turn, might do wonders for how you feel about yourself this term and will also pay off in the long run.

All I can say is: this is what I looking for!

7) Cope. Self-esteem also increases when we tackle a problem instead of  fleeing. Coping makes us feel good about ourselves. When we avoid coping with problems, they mount up and lower our self-esteem.

I think this is what I been doing all these 3 years: fleeing.

Mood: angry


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