Travel department

I am reading The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education (1993) book. I am analyzing everything about what I am reading and came with the problem of the Travel Department. Because I am unemployed, and the money wallet is very low for the moment, my boyfriend and I wanted to save every cent on our one way trip from Mexico to Germany.

Now, after I have advanced reading about the loss of doing what I told above, and I do not want to became stressful about saving like psychopath. And that trip is not the only one we need to do in the future months:

National Trips:

CdO-Hmo-Gdljr: for my german language test.

Hermosillo to Guadalajara

CdO-Hmo-DF: to tramit my visa and DAAD.

Hermosillo to Mexico City

International trips:

Hmo-Leipzig: to study.

From Mexico to Germany

 Now, I have reading that is less expensive if I take a direct flight from my location to my destination, but is impossible to find this situation with my travel plans. All I find are scales to almost 2 international cities before I arrived to Germany.

Now, I am interested in find websites pages of flights to compare prices, today I have these ones:





The above link is very useful to know the stops, the destinations if there are any and how much it will cost the flight. For now I think it will cost only my seat in one around $ 3000 dollars. That’s make for two people: $6000 dollars a one way trip from Mx to De.

5- (Was very difficult to use in the way that you need to type the correct name of the city if you really want to know the results).

6-  [In this page, if I want to travel for Lufthansa, the cost will be around $41.200 Mx, just for 1 person].

7- [I like the page, but there is not one aeroline of Germany…like Air Berlin or  Lufthansa, just an observation :P]

8- [].







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