Get to know my future campus part 4

Campus map

i) University Computer Centre

Now, I’m a very, well, a little confused about the location of this building. I hope that it is right here:

The web page is:

This information was in the Contact page of the link above:

“Locations – Directions –
The University Computing Centre (UCC) is in various objects (Interim) placed before it again in 2011 at the main site will be accessible Augustusplatz.”

j) Institute of Psychology I

Institute of Psychology I

 This building is giving me doubts about its location, because I investigated and seems that the right locations is in another address, but ok, I’m going to follow the directions of the map:

The webpage is:

And the faculty web page:

Institute of Psychology I

k) *Department 4: Planning and Engineering

Department 4

The planning and engineering department is responsible for ensuring the operability of the building and building services, management of the estate and for all aspects of building design, the Baukoor coordination and the planning of large appliances.

Industrial Engineering
Planning and Building

* Legal Advice

Director Doreen Tzscharschuch
24 Knight Street
04109 Leipzig

* Office of Environmental Safety and Security

Director Dr. Nicola Kloss
24 Knight Street
04109 Leipzig


* College seniors

The senior college of the University of Leipzig offers a series of events for older people, which was established in 1979 to life in this form and possesses originality. It is aimed at all senior citizens aged 50 and over who are interested and want to get on challenging topics in lectures interesting views on new developments in the fields of knowledge.

The annual program of the college seniors includes lectures on various scientific fields – from medicine, the history to the sociology of religion. Each academic year begins in October and ends the following year in July. In addition to twelve lectures, the college’s senior participants at a solemn opening ceremony of the academic year at the Gewandhaus, a Christmas concert and a closing event for an annual fee of 55 €. Total of 1,100 collegiates participate in the senior college in two parallel courses – yellow and green course course – in part.

– Special Events

The Senior Program is not only a place of education but also a place to meet and escort. Therefore use many collegiates offered the additional tours and excursions to various cultural sites in the immediate and wider environment and working communities in which the participants can intervene themselves. In addition to the “writing workshop” come two new working groups, “urban history” and “Safe in Old Age” added after the academic year 2011/2012.


Thoughts: All I can say is that I like this thing about giving to the elders the oportunity to keep updating their knowledge and interact with their generation. I’m very happy with this program.

The  post office, I can’t find it yet.

l) * Department 1: Household and Economic Affairs.

Department 1: Budgetary and Economic Affairs

The Department supports the institutions of the University of Leipzig in many tasks of the financial procedures, procurement of materials, equipment and furniture, and numerous services.

Dr. Uwe-solver
Ritterstraße 16-22
04109 Leipzig

Controlling and organization

* Department of Theatre Studies



☂ Knight Street Guest House

12 Knight Street Guest House
Living in the cultural center of the city

The guest apartments in Ritterstraße 12 are located in the heart of downtown.

Knight Street Guest House

It was built in the early 80s to replace the “old book dealer stock exchange”, which was completely destroyed by the war.

In close proximity to the University and the St. Nicholas church, you are here right in the cultural center of Leipzig. The Leipzig Gewandhaus and the opera but also famous cabarets and restaurants invite you to visit and are easily reachable on foot.

How to access the guest apartments:

The Knight Street is about five minutes walk from Central Station. It can be used all the trams in the direction of Augustus place. The bus stop is just opposite the main post.

The central building of the university are very quick to walk away. Parking spaces are not in the courtyard of the Knight Street 12th There are only the public spaces around the house and the garage on Augustus court.

Equipment of the apartments

The University of Leipzig is in the 6th Upstairs in the Ritter Strasse 12 04109 Leipzig 13 guests in flats.

There are a total of four one-room apartments, a two-room apartment (duplex style) and eight three-room apartments (maisonette style) are available. The duplex apartments have a kitchen, living and dining room and a separate toilet in the lower area, a bathroom and a living room on the top floor. In the three-room apartments have additionally a separate bedroom. An extra bed is possible.

Service times:

Monday to Donnterstag
9:00 bis 11:00 clock and 13:00 to 15:00 clock
9:00 bis 13:00 clock

If compliance with this time frame due to different arrival times of guests is not possible, the hosts and hostesses, that asked the relevant scientific institutions of the University of Leipzig to take their guests to feed or extract with acceptance and handover of the keys.


☂ Institute of Classical Archaeology


☂ Professor Prehistory and Early History

Professor Prehistory and Early History



⚑ Scholl House


⚑ Institute for Art Education


o) Kroch Tower

Kroch Tower


⌘ Institute of Egyptology “Georg Steindorff”

The Egyptian Museum and Institute are named after Georg Steindorff.

The history of University of Leipzig’s Egyptian Museum (recently moved to the Krochhochhaus, Leipzig) starts when in 1840 the university purchased their first sarcophagus. After that the collection kept increasing, and in 1874, the Egyptian museum split from the Antiquities Museum. The collection was further expanded by Georg Steindorff’s excavations at Giza and puchases in Egypt. Sadly, a WWII bomb attack destroyed the university’s Egyptian institute, and with that, part of the museum’s collection.

The Egyptian Museum’s collection spans more than five millenia, from the predynastic cultures of Egypt up to the Late period.

Most notable in the Egyptian collection of the University is the ‘Ebers Papyrus’, a medical papyrus purchased by George Ebers, and now in the university’s library and a small limestone head of Nefertiti.

Opening times
Monday:  closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 13-17 Clock
Sundays and public holidays: 10-13 Clock

Egyptian Museum
– Georg Steindorff –
University of Leipzig
Goethestraße 2
04109 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-3701 5
Fax: +49 341 97-3702 97



⌘ Ancient Near Eastern Studies Institute


⌘ language Centre


⌘ Custody


⌘ Egyptian Museum “George Steindorff”












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