Counseling for Personal Concerns

When I was in college there was a program of physiology counselors, but was only like a joke, because there wasn’t a real program where you can trust your most privet concerns. Every month I was invaded with depression, the only way to cope with it was suffering inside.

Now, If the possibility of suffering again with depression in graduate school comes, I want to use the services that the university offers me.

The mental health department or psychology clinics are:

1- Clinic and Polyclinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

University Hospital Leipzig


The clinic is the Hospital of the Liepzig University:

University Hospital Leipzig


I do not not the fee to have access to this service, but I hope to have money to pay for it, or maybe it will be free for students.


Right now my German skills are in baby steps. I would like to find support groups in or out the UL.


Source: 1-





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