What I want do to in my community right now

1- Apply the Recycling System on my country. Right now in México there are not any culture about recycling and that makes me mad. The politicians don’t care. Neither that I know of any citizen.

– http://www.care2.com/channels/ecoinfo/recycling_waste

2-  Give protection to the men that came every two days to our house to get rid off our garbage: the waste collector. They don’t have protective equipment to  use. They are in danger!


3- Plant on every street of every city trees. Right now, in the Sonora state in Mexico the government is cutting off a lot of plants and trees to give terrains to private companies to contaminate more the soil and cities. This need to STOP!


4- Give the homeless and poor citizens free housing and food and health care. Yes, health care!



5-  Build a street green-farm house in every street of every borough in the city, so people do save for vegetables and fruits that are sooo expensive and those more healthy, cheap and of quality.



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