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photo by Beverly LeFevre

Today I miss to complete the homework of Calculus, so maybe it takes me more time that I planned to take in scheduling those activities, but I am not willing to give up.

I set up a weekly schedule, but it had not become easy to stick to it. I am distracting a lot with chores (really, I mean A LOT).

I am a full time student and working, so it’s very hard to have a stability and energy to study and have the homework on time. Just to say, right now I am dying to go to bed. I’m so tired.

For now just one person among my peers in a class recognize me, so I think I need to get to know some others.

I want to know if my classmates have a calendar to meet the deadlines of the classes activities.

I do not know if in UnADM are services like counseling, but I have found a group on facebook of Software Development that help everybody that is in this major. For now is helping me.

This past weekend I found a “public”-private swimming pool near home, but the e-mail I sent to ask information it has not been responded. I hope to know something before the cold weather make me refrain to learn to swim.


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