Week 1: Self-assessment

This week I must dedicate 4 hours to study and write on my undergrad thesis. I had been planning it to do since the last month. But the first problem is that I have a lot of homework from UnADM: Integral Calculus, Discrete Mathematics and Fundamentals of Programming, and this week is another load of activities to submit on due dates. I don’t want to feel anxiety, so I will follow a routine: my rhythm. I need to sleep 8 hours everyday to have energy to take action on this matter. Also, below there is a list of thing I want to achieve maybe this month, but it must be before this 2012 year end.

by Beverly LeFevre

1- One of the things I need to focus is to do my homework from UnADM and the Thesis. Maybe if I start studying from 7 am everyday and go to bed between 10 pm ~ 11 pm, to wake up at 5 am the next day until I finish my Thesis. As if I really am going to class at college everyday.

2- The same can be said of my classes on Coursera, Udacity, edX, Ventura Lab. Yeah, I really like to learn, but there is so little time to do a lot of homework that I need to focus in a lot of thing, and the main thing I need to pay attention is my undergrad Thesis. So I’ll try to keep it up with the courses that I think possible, depending also of my health. And to do this I want to use all kind of learning method as possible. (*)

3- I love to follow a calendar with my to-dos list for the day or month. But I have been procrastinating a lot even when I commit doing them. I know this happen when I am really depressed. So, I need to be very enthusiastic, and really need to work on my emotional life to avoid this bad habit.

4- I will be writing on this blog everyday about my progress and tips about being an applicate student. Doing this I want also to improve my English in general.

5- At school (the mentioned above, not my undergrad school) I will try to communicate with my peers to engage in networking and to practice my social skills (I think I lack a lot on these).

6- If anyone of you (my readers of this blog) read or see errors on my grammatic, and any observation you want to point I will very pleased to accept as a constructive critic, because I know this kind of critic will do me favors to improve as a person and in real life. But if there is somewhere a person that just want to criticize me for no reason at all, without any positive points, likewise I will accept your comments but I do not promise to follow you with an answer of any kind.

7- I want to get better at note taking. Because I want to have a better memory remembering the main points of any theme to have the right words in any situation I find myself engage:either an exam or an oral presentation.

8- I like the idea of forming a study group or to be part of one. I will take time to search groups in facebook for now, because I always stay connected on facebook and is more updated on there, isn’t?

9. Communication is very important for me, I really need guidance and because of my shyness I avoid every kind of  situation where I need to open my mouth to talk about my problems, I think tutors tend to be bore the time I start telling them about any kind of things happening to me. Right know I would love to know my thesis adviser is willing to take me on board with my project, again.

10. I do not want to spend more money that I do not have. Right now my situation is very frightening: I have to pay rent for $309 USD/month, apart the services like electricity (very expensive here in Sonora), food, cleaning accessories, and I have debts also: an Janome (over) sewing machine, a digital camera, a new desk chair, and my student loan from University. I do not want to be drown on debt!

* Update 10/Sep/2012 3:10 am: This blogger knows of what I am talking! http://bit.ly/PhA2Up  [http://realmathmagic.blogspot.in/2012/08/the-mooc-story.html ]


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