✍ Getting Along with Instructors ✍

Since I remember I can say that I never became friends with any teacher of every school I went. And now that I became more concern about my networking life, I think I made a very big mistake.

Then, I thought, and also those days, that the teacher is an entity more powerful than a student, and must be draw a line between those two. My dad was an elementary teacher and I wonder when an ex-student is calling him on the phone to say Hi or seeking him to take a trip where is he living to present him with his family.

In college I never talk with my teachers, neither a little chit chat before or after class, I just reach to them when I had a doubt on the homework or to know my grade on an important test.

Just in short: I thought they have no flaws. They were perfects in their own fields. And that I didn’t have the right even to speak to them for anything that wasn’t school or his subject.

I have to add that I am not good at communicating; I became nervous and stress about just to think to talk with somebody.

So, I need to think, to change this view I have of them.

– They are human! For Apples sake! They eat, they have families, they poop, they dream, they have goals, the are human, like myself.

– Maybe they have or not the same personality style or learning style like me, if they do, that’s wonderful, but if not, is not the end of the world!

– I will try to talk with students of another grade above me, whom take a class with x professor before me, to know how he or she works.

– And, I must start to talk with my teachers since the beginning of the semester, so, in that way I will have less shame to ask questions later on.

(picture: Beverly LeFevre)


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