⁌ Improving the Lives of Women in College ⁍

I have been participating more with my classmates and colleagues from college. It feels weird in a positive mode, and I’m happy I’m applying these little changes in my daily academic life.

I want to briefly talk about sexism in college.

When I was studying for my bachelor degree, I had a lot of male classmates, who in some ways said a bunch of stuff about my body, one in particular ask me:

“What would you do if I tell you that every time you are walking in front of me, I am looking your butt”.

At that time I was nervous, I didn’t know what else to said rather than “I feel uncomfortable about your behavior Henry, and I would like to ask you to stop it”.

As a woman, I was feeling like an outcast among my peers. I had a feeling that I was alone if something like sexual harassment became more aggressive towards me.

Do you have felt or have experimented with a similar situation? I would like to know.

(picture: Beverly LeFevre)


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