{ I wanted to do it all }

This weekend I started and finished the book of Cal Newport “How to Be a High School Superstar”, and you now that my goal is to be a better student and learner.  At first I thought it will be another book that says to you “don’t worry, everything is going to be fine”, but not, is another, but very different book: “worry, but don’t stress out, and work, be diligent, be different”.

Cal, if you happen to read this post, I want to say THANKS!

I would start to apply every tip you describe in your book. I am right now very happy, and this is weird in me, not because I’m not happy everyday, but this is the first day in a long time that I don’t feel a failure as a female scientist in progress, and student.

Aah, I need to apologize if my writing is not the better that you have read (is not my first language and I’m practicing it with this blog).

This is my current schedule:

– UnAD: 3 courses, but 1 have already didn’t work on my schedule, so I need to take it again the next semester.

– Udacity: 4+ courses

– Coursera: 10+ courses

– edX: 5 courses

and my Thesis from my first undergraduate school.

Also, I want since a lot of past years to finish a short stories book (don’t worry, this is in Spanish, so I would not suck like in English).

I blog in another website.

I need to pay a student loan debt: 2,000 USD in debt. Yeah, but this is a lot of money here in Mexico.

I want and need to sleep for 8 hours, cook my diet, and clean my apartment.

Also, I want to have time to do physical exercise, because I am sitting all day long without rest.

But then I read this book, and thought that I must to focus in just 2 things until I have them finished and then start another thing that I have interest. So this is my new plan:

Right now I need to focus on these:

– UnAD and my fiction book. Because those have a due date for November 2012.

I’m confident that if I just do what I have to do and don’t waste time in another unrelated activities, like just browse and browse on the Internet and Facebook!!! I can accomplish what I want.

(image by florever)


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