{Creating plans}

This day I read about creating and planning my goal, using planners:

– paper and pancil

– electronic (online, mobile, pc)

I love using planners on paper, but for now the available option and cheapest of all are on pc and online. The free ones. I can’t pay right now for a service.

I add a new page, I named it “Planning“, there we (you and I) can check what are the things I need and must to do to reach my goals, the most important for now, remember?

For now, I will be using that calendar meanwhile the next year full of duties comes.

I need to say that I been doing  exercises again. I need to be happy about it, because my body will be more healthy.


2 thoughts on “{Creating plans}

  1. Check out the website RemembertheMilk.com . it’s also an Iphone app. In any case, the most productive person I know uses it and google calendar a lot… I just started with it, but I like it better than others I tried for lists or scheduling (wunderlist, etc etc free ones).

    Btw thanks for reading my blog 🙂 And, curiosity got the best of me but, do I know you? (we live in the same city and we’re the same age, that’s all I’ve gathered so far.


    • Hello! Thanks for the suggestion, I haven’t checked it a long time ago, I hope is online-pc service because right now I don’t have an Iphone or something similar technologically speaking, hehehe.

      I don’t think we know each other. But about what did you mention, its seems just a fun coincidence 😀 I hope to keep reading your blog. 😀

      P.D. If you read something erroneously with my grammar, please, correct me!

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