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Hello there, I’m Sarah Bramundsen. I live in the The Sonoran Desert, the second big state of México.

I went to study Physics in the public system of Sonora University, the main campus.

Through my academic years there I came to choose and like Nanoscience, more than theoretical physics like my peers.

I do not recommend for now, if you are planning to study the same major like myself to go to this college. The main reason is the bad quality of teachers this department has, even in Mathematics.

But, I need to say that maybe 5 of all of the department of physics staff are those who have the ethic, moral and academic quality that lacks the others.

Right now I’m proud to have survived those years there. For me, my university experience was a nightmare furthermore being a woman. I was the only female of my generation, and then some other girls went to add, but those girls were for my bad luck just looking husbands or to prove “they were not stupids” when in reality they love another field of study.

At this moment I am focused on to finish my thesis and to take courses of Udacity, Coursera, edX, an all of those onlike free schools that are appearing.

If you want to ask me anything, I am willing to answer your questions.

Update: Monday 10th, Sep, 2012.

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♦ Who am I?

Hi! I am Sarah Bramundsen. I’m 28 years old.

I’m a scientist, I like all the subjects in the scientific field. Also, I like to write fiction. Blogging.

♦ How can I help you?

Ask me questions, is possible I can help you.

♦ How did I get here (i.e. know what I know)?

I started to question my methods of study and I thought that it will an interesting research for my personal growth to question my education to get done my goals.

Prior to writing this post, I spent two years as a frustrated graduate, writer blogger and on-line tutor.

I started with this idea since high school in 2000 (my goal) to help me deal with sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new task and finish that task while still with another things to do in school and my private life (myself, family, friends, new things to try, etc) and overcome my problem or achieve my goal.

♦ Why can you trust me?

Because I’m sure is very difficult to trust people without a test, I suggest you to follow me on my quest (in this blog) and you can judge my intentions.

♦ What do we share in common?

Hunger for learn everyday.


To contact me, please let a comment in some of the post you really like to talk about.

⚛ ⚛ ⚛ ⚛ ⚛ ⚛ ⚛

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