{ Create, Monitor, and Evaluate a Weekly Plan }

Those are the question I will ask myself every week to help me to bring out what’s the most important things I need to do and accomplish.

• “What do I expect to accomplish?”
• “What will I have to do to reach these goals?”
• “What tasks are more important than others?”
• “How much time will each activity take?”
• “When will I do each activity?”
• “How flexible do I have to be to allow for unexpected things?”

Can money buy happiness

* This week: 01 Jan- 06 Jan:

1)  Take a bath, travel to Hmo, clean my apartment, pay the rent, pay the loan, wash my clothes.

2) Courage, because is freezing! Say goodbye (later) to my family.  Wake up very early and focus in cleaning, only. Go to the bank and take out money from the ATM machine. Later, visit the owners and gave it to them. Maybe Saturday, go to ICEES and pay the loan. And between Friday and Sunday divide the load of things I need to wash.

3) The rent and loan are the most important of the list. Next my clothes. But to do every thing, I must to be in Hmo.

4) The trip to the bank and the ICEES will take me 2 hrs to do it complete. Is possible that when I go to pay the rent, the Mr and Mrs FD want to talk about my experiences on my Holidays, and I willing to talk with them, but for not so much, not because I don’t like them, but because I am not a socially person, you know, I’m still shy. Ok, so this task will take me, mmm, 2 hrs?

5) From Friday 4th, January, to 6th of January.

6) Super flexible, because I need help from my boyfriend to give me a ride.

{image by A_Daydreamer }